Lionel has been my pro sound, keyboard, and music technology go-to guy for 10 years.  He takes care of all my needs from advice on purchasing gear, to supplying and repairing it.  Besides knowing a ton about pro-audio, he’s a gentleman and a super nice person.  I trust Lionel completely to take care of whatever I need to keep my music business running smoothly.

Mike Benson - Edmonds, WA

I've known Lionel for around 15 years during the petosa years.  I have the greatest respect for his expertise and broad knowledge in his field.  Additionally, he is a talented musician, so understands the needs of those musicians who struggle with computers, and those computer geeks who struggle with music.  He recently set up my complex music studio.  Everything worked out of the box, the first time I fired it up.  His tech support is second to none, and continues to be so nearly a year out!  The only thing that could be better than Lionel would be to clone him so there is more to go around!

John Bonica - Portland, OR

When I needed to set up my home studio to grow my voice-over business, I didn't mess around with unknowns. I called a trusted pro I knew would maximize my set up.  Lionel never disappoints - thanks so much for your help!!

                                                                                                                    Lowell Deo - Seattle, WA 

Thanks for being on standby and for such a great job on our consult!  It’s nice to know such professionalism exists in this town!

Sandra Locklear - Seattle, WA

My speaker went out at a bad time so I called Lionel.  I went to his shop the next day and waited while he took it apart and replaced a bad fuse.  It cost me $40.  Any other shop would have made me wait at least two weeks and charged me a lot more.  Thanks, Lionel!

Karin Kajita - Seattle, WA

I have been fortunate enough to have known and done business with Lionel and subsequently Summit Consultation for several years now, and I couldn't imagine being more satisfied with anyone else with as much knowledge, talent, and information as Lionel. His honesty and professionalism is a far, FAR cry from the 20-plus years of "sales-oriented" patter that I've dealt with with the likes of a Guitar Center, etc. Starting with the purchase of a perfect (for me) Kurzweil keyboard from Lionel while he was with Petosa Music, we formed a working association that helped me ultimately put together a diverse, full and wholly satisfying home studio. As I am a multi-instrumentalist who produces within several different musical genres and styles, Lionel sought out EXACTLY what I needed to record at the level I wanted. Most importantly for me, Lionel was able to aid in the subtleties associated with set-up and production. He QUICKLY, and most often effortlessly, fixed the minimal kinks that can be associated with a studio set-up and has always offered up the slightest bit of help whenever I needed it. His tech-consultation skills is simply mind-blowing - a rare gift indeed. Our relationship has evolved to the point that I call Lionel a true friend, as he had EARNED my trust and faith, and getting to further know Lionel and his terrific family has been the icing on the cake. Summit Consultation will be my tried and true "go to" institution for as long as I play music (and I'm NEVER gonna stop!) Thank you for everything Lionel. You are one amazing guy.  

Andy Nazzal - Renton, WA

I have to tell you that when I first did business with Petosa Music (approx. 1992), I was assured that I would be treated like family and this was indeed the case.  One of the biggest concerns I had when I learned Petosa Music would be closing its doors was where would I be able to find someone who could advise, direct, provide service, and continue to offer great prices?  During one of our conversations I was assured that--especially from my long distance perspective--purchases and service would feel very much the same as what I received during our 15 years with Petosa...and you were right!  You continue to go above and beyond what one has come to expect from a business; from offering to meet for pick-up of items, to speedy quotes, constant communication regarding orders and order status, and prices that are truly competitive.  When our school’s tech equipment was stolen last year, you were right there with quotes, information and advice.  You have provided excellent repair information and service when necessary.  I'm also impressed with the way you follow up on orders, shipments, and genuine interest in the products that I/we have purchased; it is obvious that you truly care about your customers' needs.  I wish you well with Summit Consultation; I remain a devoted customer!

Gay Ott - Ellensburg, WA

I just wanted to take a chance, because I'm not sure I ever did, to thank you for all the help you've given me over the years.  You really steered me right with my keyboard, which you sold me 
the first time you met me. I'm sure you could have made more commission by selling one of the other more expensive keyboards, but you listened to my needs and sold me the machine that hit the nail exactly on the head.

When I first met you, I was doing all my multitrack recording on a PC and losing many takes due to various problems with my PC, having timing issues, etc. You helped me pick out equipment that would work with a Mac and walked me through my infant steps of using a completely unfamiliar computer. I still use both of my MOTU 896s every time I record anything - I've used them to record several bands live while doing live sound, I've used them to record one studio album and many, many mp3s..

You introduced me to Digital Performer, which is a wonderful, solid, reliable program that I'm still learning about many years later.You gave me solid advice on everything from microphones to PA speakers. You helped me find stands that met my needs, even when my needs kept changing.  You always had time to answer my questions, even when they could have been answered on google without pestering you. You put up with me poking my head in over and over just to buy a couple of cables and mess around with whatever keyboards were state of the art. You introduced me to the Access Virus, which is still entertaining me quite regularly. You helped me carry things home from your store. You helped me find missing license keys. You made arrangements for me to borrow a sound system when my Mackie PA self-destructed after one night. You - along with many other friends, and sometime I should tell you the story - helped me make my studio all-digital all the way from the synth modules to the speakers. You were the epitome of customer service, over and over again.

Now here in California if I go to Guitar Center to buy things the kids lie to me about what they do and don't sell ie. in order to try and get me to buy $50 SPDIF cables they “forget” that they have the $10 one.  They don't care about what they sell at all.  Once I asked someone what was new in the latest version of Reason and they said it, and I quote, ”does more stuff”; I asked for details and they told me to check out propellerheads’ web site.  Well, yes, but I wanted *their* impressions of it, not some sales flack.... Truly, we do miss you!

Sheer Pullen - Mission Viejo, CA

Summit Consultation is my first choice music solution company in the Northwest. I'm always taken care of and my questions are answered promptly and with the utmost professionalism. I also learn a lot about my purchase - which is different from most Guitar Centers and music retailers whose main concern is just making a profit.  Lionel doesn't just make the sale and split - he's genuine and interested in his customer's music needs on stage and off.  I know I'll be happy bringing my business to him for many years to come. 

Josh Rawlings - Seattle, WA

I have often been in the dark deep valley of plug-in, notation, midi and/or computer hell.  There is no better person to help guide you back into the light of a sane creative space.  Lionel is THE techno -therapist of choice.   He knows his stuff -- actually thrives on knowing and learning about new technology.  He is able to discuss the latest software, instruments and updates and can help custom design what's best for your studio needs.  He can help teach you how to use the equipment and provides fantastic follow-up care.  Extremely knowledgeable and friendly service is what Summit is All About.   Don't feel like you are all alone in this crazy world of technology!!  Call Lionel! (and by the way he has a great sense of humor)

Nancy Rumbel - Issaquah, WA

Lionel Reinert is the most knowledgeable, timely, helpful, service-oriented musical equipment and technology consultant I have ever met.  He has been helping me with my musical equipment and computer-related needs for seventeen years.  Lionel has a knack for returning phone calls at just the right time.  His great attitude and personal warmth combined with his telephone, email and in-person communication skills are what set him apart from everyone else.  His problem-solving skills and attention to detail are superb.  Lionel has always had an answer for me and if he didn’t know the answer he referred me to someone who did.  Even in stressful emergency situations, on my part or his, he knows how to keep a calm, good attitude.  I have relied on Lionel to provide me with great service and will continue to do so. Best of luck to you, Lionel - it is always a pleasure to see you.  I really do value you and the service you provide.  Whenever I can provide referrals or questions regarding my future needs I will do so...Thanks again!

                                                                       Murl Allen Sanders - Seattle, WA